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The Balmain Paris Hair Couture collection captures the luxurious and innovative spirit of the iconic Balmain fashion brand, bringing beautiful and indulgent hair care and styling essentials to the professional hairdressing sector.

The NEW Balmain Paris Hair Couture Professional Combs collection facilitates comfortable cutting and precision styling. The highly desirable hand carved combs made from durable, cellulose acetate, with anti-static properties, are polished afterwards to ensure that teeth are smooth and free from sharp edges and imperfections. This prevents damage and split ends that can be a factor with injection moulded combs.

The combs are beautiful to look at, perfectly balanced, and unmistakably Balmain. The Texture, Contour and Cutting trio each boast both an all black and an all white side. The monochrome livery contrasts dramatically with clients’ hair of every shade, and provides glamour with every stroke. The Colour Comb has a glossy black finish so as to resist colour staining. All four feature the distinctive Balmain Paris brand logo in gold lettering for additional kudos.

Texture Comb (RRP £23.95)

Effortlessly untangles tight curls, transforming them into natural looking waves. Widely spaced teeth are suitable for wet or dry hair.

Contour Comb (RRP £18.95)

Small, slimline and ergonomic for easy sectioning and comfortable cutting. Features generously spaced ultra-fine teeth for trimming and contouring. Shaped with straight edges for a clean cut.

Cutting Comb (RRP £23.95)

Facilitates comfortable cutting and styling. Shaped with straight edges for a clean cut, and two separate tooth length and spacing patterns for precise sectioning.

Colour Comb (RRP £23.95)

Created for comfortable colouring and detangling. Designed for easy and even distribution of hair colour.

Features and Benefits
  • Handmade and polished
  • Durable cellulose acetate composition
  • Anti-static properties
  • Two-tone black and white livery for the cutting and styling trio

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