Balmain Couleurs Couture Lighteners

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Balmain Paris Hair Couture introduces a pair of powerful lightening options to its extensive, salon exclusive Couleurs Couture collection. Powder and Clay deliver high performance ingredients and reliably healthy results.


Couleurs Couture Premium Powder Lightener 500g (Salon price £39.95) is a dust-free blue pigmented powder that partners perfectly with foil techniques. It delivers nine plus levels of lift and creates a stellar shade of blonde without compromising the hair's condition.


Couleurs Couture Freehand Clay Lightener 400g (Salon price £39.95) enhances the creativity of colourists favourite freehand techniques, such as balayage or ombre. The clay-like texture ensures excellent adherence to the hair and lifts up to seven levels.

Newly appointed Balmain Hair Creative Influencer, Lisa Shepherd, says, “Balmain’s been on my radar my whole career. When I heard that Balmain Hair was launching a salon colour collection, I skipped for joy. As the brand’s Creative Influencer I’m collaborating with a company creating colour to die for! These lighteners are yet another asset to unlimited artistry. Plus, the monochrome packaging looks really cool too!”

Special price: Buy one get one free - only £19.97 each!

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