Balmain Hair 24k Gold-Plated Golden Comb Collection

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Balmain Hair, part of the famous Balmain Paris Fashion House, is the market leader in high fashion hair additions and extensions. Years of experience in hair design and an impressive line of hair products have led to the development of the Hair Couture for Luxury Care & Styling line, including professional tools and limited edition accessories.

Balmain Paris Hair Couture has developed a unique 24-carat gold-plated Golden Comb Collection that consists of three specific combs perfect for professional use. A special tribute to the craft of hairdressing.

Cutting Comb

A professional 24-carat gold-plated cutting comb with straight edges to assist in a clean cut. Designed with the highest quality standards. RRP £29.50

Styling Comb

This professional Styling Comb has a unique shape that is ideal for all types of hair. It adds body and shine and reduces frizz. The wide teeth are ideal for detangling wet hair without pulling or breaking the strands. RRP £27.50

Tail Comb

This professional golden Tail Comb is perfect for sectioning the hair. Its fine-toothed structure achieves great precision. RRP £24.95

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