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Balmain Paris Hair Couture proudly presents its Spring/Summer 2019 Campaign featuring Coco Rocha.

Coco is presented in four elemental states - Fire, Water, Wind and Earth. These states all represent a powerful individual, the same woman with the same outfit, yet her strength is shown by the power of her hair and her inner strength.


The image that portrays fire represents a burning desire and drive for individuality - not afraid of social pressures or the fear of missing out. This image shows the strength of hair colour and the way it can be used to express individuality.

Balmain products to create the look:
  • Couleurs Couture
  • Backstage Weft 60cm
  • Argan Moisturising Elixir
  • Leave-In Conditioning Spray
  • Session Spray Medium
  • Cordless Straightener

The Wind state embodies the classic Balmain Hair woman, a woman who takes care of her hair as a ritual. The right shampoo, conditioner, treatment and cut. She won’t leave the house without a drop of Moisturising Argan Elixir for shine.

Balmain products to create the look:
  • Ceramic Curling Wand 25/32mm
  • Styling Comb Gold
  • Session Spray Medium
  • Session Spray Strong

Showing off a bare Coco. A daring look showing off the strength of an undone look - a mix of Moisturising Argan Elixir and Leave-in Conditioning Spray. A daring look that can be moved about easily, which encompasses the freedom of the water state. This look is a Balmain Hair signature look.

Balmain products to create the look:
  • Water Vaporizer
  • Professional Contour Comb
  • Session Spray Strong
  • Argan Moisturising Elixir
  • Detangling Spa Brush

A playful and wild Coco. The look is a perfect example of how products can be mixed and cocktailed to create an exemplary result. It results in the ability to create shapes, hard rock textures, strong looks and very modern hair. She is the sculptor and her hair is her sculpture.

Balmain products to create the look:
  • Back Comb Brush
  • Styling Comb Gold
  • Volume Shampoo
  • Volume Mousse
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Session Spray Strong

This Campaign brings together all the Balmain Hair collections, and for the first time the Balmain Hair Couleurs Couture line has been used to transform and influence the images. All images are a combination of Care, Styling, Hair addition and Couleurs Couture. Fully rounded and strong, a true Balmain Hair Campaign.


Balmain Paris Hair Couture
Hair and Creative by Balmain Hair Creative Director Nabil Harlow
Photographer: Jean Baptiste Mondino
Model: Coco Rocha
Make-up: Karim Rahman

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