Be Whisked Away by All That Jazz’s Utopia Collection

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All That Jazz have released another dazzling collection named ‘Utopia’, created to take you away to your own little paradise.

The colours are inspired by idealistic destinations around the globe including:

  • Dubai - a fiery hot red to take you to gorgeous beaches and all-year-round sunshine
  • Miami - a fun-loving purple to liven up your fantasies and reflect the vibrant city
  • Bora Bora - a shimmering pink to remind you of the gorgeous blossoms and relaxing aura of the picturesque island
  • Thailand - a sizzling orange to take you to a tropical paradise

All That Jazz UK is a trend focused nail brand that is fronted by nail industry icon Jazz Smedley, featuring over 100 gorgeous shades; with colours ranging from dazzling glitters, to neon brights and barely there nudes. The brand launches four gorgeous collections annually that will keep your fingertips on the pulse of fashion.

Available at - £5.83 +VAT per bottle, buy 3 get 1 free

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