Bee-autiful Skin with BeePeel™ Treatment

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Become absolutely flawless with Heaven Skincare’s revolutionary, natural-chemical peel that blurs, not only the marks and lines on your skin, but also the lines between cosmetology and natural skincare.

Delivering never before seen results to treat fine lines and wrinkles, Hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tones, BeePeel™ contains the Heaven Skincare patented ingredient ABEETOXIN®, coconut oil, raw cane sugar and apple pectin to gently, but effectively, dissolve away skin imperfections. It reduces dark pigmentation, evens out skin tones and, due to the inclusion of ABEETOXIN®, relaxes lines and has a plumping effect on the skin, leaving your face looking bright, refined and dewy! And all without the downtime associated with regular chemical peels. This product can be used for all skin types, including sensitive, for an immediate, perfecting effect.

Facial skin is constantly exposed to UVA and UVB light, which can cause an increase in localised melanin production, which causes hyper-pigmentation. Pigmentation is the single most ageing skin concern, much more so than fine lines or wrinkles, and although prevention is the key to pigmentation by using facial SPF’s like my Silk Bee-Bee creams, when the damage has already been done, my brand-new treatment-product, BeePeel™, will help to repair the damage and rejuvenate the skin, Deborah Mitchell (CEO and founder of Heaven Skincare) clarifies.

ABEETOXIN® is the patented Heaven Skincare ingredient created using bee venom. But, no bees are harmed collecting the venom for the formula; bees are stimulated safely for venom and these bees have been noted to yield more honey than their non-stimulated counterparts. Win, win, bee-autiful skin, safe bees and more honey production.

“Hello, Beautiful!” - Discover the ‘real’ you when using Heaven Skincare

Heaven products are based exclusively on natural ingredients, not tested on animals and are free of ‘harsh’ chemicals. Their philosophy is that if you love your body, it will love you back, releasing your inner glow. With the added benefit of advanced technology, their system is proven to work time after time, on every skin type, with repeatable results for a great looking you.

What we do best and it’s what makes us different

Ageing is a fact of life. It affects us all. But with Deborah Mitchell’s Heaven Skincare Range, it needn’t show on your face. Deborah Mitchell’s skin-perfecting products have gained a worldwide reputation as the ‘natural answer to Botulism Toxin’, which is the most acutely toxic substance known. Already with a massive celebrity and royal following, Heaven Skincare positions itself as a revolutionary organic range that works to heal the emotional triggers for skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, dry and oiliness, as well as preventing and curing the symptoms of ageing, resulting in younger looking, healthy skin.

With so many consumers becoming conscious of ingredients and their impact, both on health and the environment, we do what we, at Heaven, do best and look to nature for the answer, explained Deborah.

Product RRP - £109.00 / Treatment - £55.00 - Flagship salon is Heaven Health and Beauty in Shifnal


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