Body Fixers: Helping to Transform Beauty Fails into Beauty Masterpieces

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Body Fixers has returned to E4 and its top team of beauty professionals from the world of cosmetics, dentistry, hair and beauty includes hairdresser Daniel Granger.

Award-winning cosmetic doctor, Dr Esho, award-winning hairstylist Daniel Granger, top make-up artist Alex Henry and beautician April DeAustin will be joined this series by hairstylist Danny Richo and cosmetic dentist Dr Nina, as they tackle and transform clients from across the country in the state-of-the-art Body Fixers clinic.

Bigger, bolder and more extreme than before, whether it’s botox and fillers gone wrong; excessive body hair; or home hair dye disasters, this series is fixing any faux-pas, turning catastrophes into solutions and reinstalling some much needed confidence back into people’s lives. 

Daniel Granger said:

These are real people with real problems, desperately wanting to change their lives. I get to help them achieve this and that makes me incredibly happy and proud of the job that I do. My passion is creating beautiful hairstyles to really compliment the individual, the variety of people this series is incredible, each one with a story to tell, and I get to hear it all!

Catch Body Fixers on E4 Thursdays at 9pm.

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