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Boucleme Unveils New Hair Tools and Accessories

Wide Tooth Comb (£9/€12)

Boucleme’s new wide tooth comb is gentle on the hair and can easily glide through even the most tightly coiled curls. Helping to define curls, prevent breakages and detangle, it also helps to distribute products throughout locks with ease. The new Wide Tooth Comb is biodegradable, made from sustainable plant starch. With a convenient hook for easy storage, it ensures effortless in or out of shower detangling and curl care.

Detangling Wet Brush (£12/€15)

Post-wash tangles and tugs are in the past thanks to Boucleme’s new Detangling Wet Brush. Suitable for all hair textures and patterns, the brush head flexes with every stroke whilst the bristles, designed to grip fragile wet hair, work to easily separate knots and tangles – with no pulling or snagging.

Black and Soft Pink Silk Lined Cashmere Blend Beanies (£27/€33 – launching 5th October)

As the colder months approach, Boucleme’s Silk Lined Cashmere Blend Beanies offer warmth, style, and curl care. Created with the perfect blend of silk and cashmere, these beanies are a luxurious haven for curls. The silk lining ensures protection against hat-hair and frizz while maintaining the integrity of curls. With two sophisticated colour options to choose from, black and soft pink, these beanies offer a fashionable yet functional accessory to keep curls chic.