Browns Lead the Way with Classic Cutting at the Wella World Studio

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Nelson Brown of browns in Dumfries hosted a two day course at the Wella World Studio in Manchester teaching classic cutting techniques. 

The course saw Nelson teach a full class the building blocks of how, when, and the reasons why for cutting hair - pivotal for all hairdressers basic skills.

Nelson is available in 2013 for education at the Wella World Studio in both London and Manchester, as well as availability for in-salon seminars throughout the UK. For more information contact Katie on [email protected]


I really enjoyed the two days! I definitely feel a lot more confident now with shorter hairstyles and graduation, the fact that you cut differently from what I've seen has been helpful as it’s given me options to choose from depending on what I find easier on that hair type.

How you carry out your consultation (basing it on the client’s face shape, hair type etc), has been so beneficial as not many people take that amount of time, but it's shown me that if you do you can create a haircut that's much more personalised and tailored to the client.

The styles that you showed me, the textures, and a more natural way of finishing I found really interesting. I went back to my salon and showed them pictures, and repeated everything you said; it interested them to see something new.

Also everything you have achieved and what you do now has inspired me, and made me realise even more where I want to be in say ten or 20 years time within the industry. Really inspirational!

Overall I found it really helpful, and you were great at teaching us. I would definitely come on another one of your courses again!

Thank you, 
Jordanna Vyse, TPL hairdressing, Crewe, Cheshire

Really enjoyed the course at the Wella Studio Manchester, working on the models and having James and Nelson talk about the cut and styling step by step. I learnt and understand angles more which has made me more confident about the work I do in-salon.

Hannah ward, Halo

I thought the course was excellent and really helpful. Taking this course has really improved my basic understanding and hairdressing skills.

Zara Pound, The Hair & Beauty Lounge, Shropshire 

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