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It’s always good to support some home-grown talent, so why not spend your bucks where they count, on British brands and get a buff groomed beard into the bargain!

As the metro-sexual trend dies down and the rugged manly look is set to grow, the trend for lumberjack beards seems set to stay. So getting your hairy beast to look its buff best is important to make you feel groomed to perfection. It’s said that 59% of consumers think it looks unprofessional to have unkempt facial hair in the workplace.

To get your beard groomed to perfection is simplicity itself with new Red Anchor Organic and Natural beard grooming products and oils. With the scents of Australian Sandalwood or evoke the summer with Sea Breeze scents of lavender so your beard will look and smell gorgeous too.

Step one.... Wash your beard morning and evening, with Red Anchor Beard and Face cleanser, which will help to eradicate any skin problems that can arise with wearing beards. Also removes daily debris, grease, impurities and styling residues.

Step two.... Comb through the beard with a beard comb or brush.

Step three.... Apply Red Anchor Beard Oil with your hands spreading through the beard, comb through if desired, apply morning and if going out again in the evening to keep hairs in place. Beard oils smooth, soften, hydrate and strengthen the beard with oils of Black Seed, Coconut, Jojoba, Macadamia and Lavandin extract.

Red Anchor Face and Beard Cleansers

Red Anchor Sandalwood Beard and Face Cleanser combines Sandalwood Oil, Organic Argan, Black Seed oils and extracts of Flame tree and Seaweed, removes impurities from the skin and boosts natural barriers to ward off dirt. With natural anti-inflammatory properties to soothe skin and cleanse, the warm, heady scent of Sandalwood helps relaxation. (RRP £12.50 for 250 ml)

Red Anchor Sea Breeze Beard and Face Cleanser combines natural extracts of Mountain Pepper Berry and Seaweed extracts with concentrated honey and Organic Aloe Vera, to leave the skin and beard clean and the face feeling fresh and revived. (RRP £12.50 for 250 ml)

Barbers tip: Use daily morning and night to keep skin fresh, revived and thoroughly clean

Red Anchor Beard Oils

Sandalwood Beard Oil contains the reviving scent of Lavandin Oil Grosso, as well as natural woody scents of Sandalwood known to be calming and uplifting. Sea Breeze Oil contains the scents of Sea Grass. The Red Anchor Beard Oils retail at £14.50 for 50 ml.

Barbers tip: To groom the beard, apply a few drops of the beard oil to the palms of the hands and smooth through the beard. Then use a beard comb if you desire and comb through to remove knots.

Barbers Tips via James Dance-Owner and Barber at Something For The Weekend

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