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The Fantastic Hairdresser provides a unique range of courses, business coaching and programmes for everyone in the salon team.

If you’re looking to build your column or learn more about online marketing, then look no further, as The Fantastic Hairdresser has it covered with their May courses.

If anyone makes learning fun it’s Alan Austin Smith! His knowledge for our industry is truly inspiring! I cannot recommend his seminars enough! Fantastic doesn’t happen by accident!!!

Build Your Column
  • Bristol, 21st May
  • One day course targeted towards most team members - both hair and beauty

We have a generation of hairdressers who have never had to learn how to 'build a column'. Once upon a time, it was relatively easy to build a column. Of course this has now changed and each individual stylist has to work much harder to keep clients as well as get new ones.

Our Build Your Column course also features the best bits of our top selling Fantastic Hairdresser Course - based on the international bestselling book - as well as elements of our Fantastic Perfect Client course and our WOW Customer Delight course. Basically a 'Fantastic' Jam Packed day for your team!

Build Your Column: This is very much focused on getting across the understanding that a stylists' column is their own business and they need to work much harder to grow and maintain their client base these days. As part of this session, Alan will offer a strategic focus providing tools, tips and creative ideas (but also encouraging each delegate to be more proactive in developing their own ideas) to grow their column and turn their clients into raving fans. How their column affects their future… both positively and negatively.

The Fantastic Hairdresser: Alan will also be incorporating what we call the 7 Characteristics of what makes a Fantastic Hairdresser: Passion/ Delight/ Inspire/ Performer / Ambassador / Alive Inside / Always Learning - based around Alan Austin Smith’s industry bestselling book, The Fantastic Hairdresser.

The Perfect Client: A perfect client in our eyes is someone who has:

  1. Cut and finish
  2. Colour on their hair
  3. Regular treatments
  4. The right products in their bathroom
  5. Pre-booking their appointments

So surely our aim is to turn our clients into 'perfect clients' over time. We use the analogy 'treat every client as a bride' - for example if a client asked you to do their hair for their wedding then you would begin to put a plan together over time - basically turning them into a perfect client!

WOW Customer Delight!: This section does what it says on the tin really - build a loyal base of fans that do all your marketing for you!

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‘Wow’ Online Marketing
  • Bristol, 22nd May
  • One day course (recommended for salon owners/managers)

In our ‘Wow’ Online Marketing course we will show you how to make this brave new world of mass communication work for you - understand the difference between 'being' online and 'using' online.

Throughout the day you will cover the following five steps:

STEP 1: STOP SPAMMING! (Yes you are!) - Understand the difference between your data base and your list

STEP 2: WHERE DO YOU WANT ME TO GO? - Ensure everything you do is directing customers to where you want them to go - online! What's the next step they need to take?

STEP 3: ENGAGE - Stop telling - start asking! And stay engaged!!

STEP 4: GIVE IT AWAY - 'Give' high quality content for free - loads of it!

STEP 5: INFLUENCE ACTION - Use advanced communication and proven human influence tools to drive the call to action you want to achieve

In summary - this will be an all round 'Fantastic' day for delegates to come back to the salon feeling motivated, focused and inspired!

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Salon Tour Pack

We have a discounted Salon Tour Pack available, but are very flexible in that if this doesn't fit your needs exactly, we'd encourage a call to discuss what might work better for you. We are especially keen that what we offer is accessible to even the smallest of salons.

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