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Cally Borg: Bossing it with Balance!


Award-winning hairstylist, educator and business mentor, Cally Borg, AKA The Lifestyle Salon Boss Babe, is on a mission to inspire as many hairstylists as possible to create their very own dream workspace and amazing lifestyle businesses through her carefully curated mentoring courses and proving that all is possible with the right support.

Cally is striving to get rid of the ‘old fashioned’ stigma around home salons so more hairdressers can tap into their potential and drive their own successful businesses.

With over 20 years’ experience in the hairdressing industry, training at John Carne, and taking on roles at Toni&Guy and Charles Worthington, she also spent time fine tuning her skills in session work, styling hair for celebrities such as Amanda Holden (as personal hairstylist), Victoria Magrath, Billie Piper, and Amber le Bon, and working on editorial for Country & Townhouse, ES Magazine, and Empire. When her firstborn turned four and went to school, something had to change, and a more flexible work-life balance was called for.

In January 2019, Cally created a ‘lifestyle business’ to work around family commitments and continue with the job she loved by building a beautiful, luxury home salon located in the heart of Reigate, Surrey. Her spacious, stylish salon retails brands such as Nine Yards, EveryGreen, TUFT, EPIIC and GLOWWA, and is situated at the front of her home which is separate to her living areas. It contains three hairdressing stations, one backwash and is booked up most of the time with her 800+ clientele list. She took on her first employee in 2021 and by October of that year, hit a six-figure turnover proving that home salons can offer flexibility to build your business on your terms around family commitments that is true to you and your values.

I believe being a hairstylist gives you the opportunity and flexibility for the ultimate lifestyle business! You can choose your hours, work around your family commitments, and elevate your business to earn more money and give you the time and freedom you deserve. I hope to positively smash the current stigma attached to 'home salons' by sharing my journey of how I have created a successful six-figure lifestyle business working three days a week around my family commitments, and no evenings or weekends. I also have half-terms and the summer holidays off too. I am proof it can be done! I believe having a home salon can be a professional, independent, and lucrative business opportunity, with low overheads and endless potential for flexibility and growth. - Cally Borg


Cally offers a six-week online mentoring course, Home Salon – Bossing it with Balance, where she’ll show attendees how to make the most of the space they have to build a salon and business that works around their lives and ambitions, finishing off with a one-to-one consultation to encourage the next steps and get the ball rolling! Cally believes that boundaries, balance, and business go hand in hand, and during the six weeks she will take you through why:

Boundaries... Because getting your head in the game and knowing when to say no is key.

Balance... Because burnout isn’t success, you cannot grow until you master this.

Business... Because being an amazing hairdresser can only take you so far.