Celebrate Chocolate Week with milk_shakeÕs Cocoa Natural Care Mask Hair Treatment: Good Enough to Eat!

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October 13th – 19th is Chocolate Week, and professional hair care brand milk_shake’s Natural Care Cocoa Mask is a godsend for normal to coarse hair. The deep regenerating properties of the cocoa powder compound nourish hair leaving it soft and manageable.

Milk_shake’s high performance, divine smelling haircare and styling products benefit from a blend of milk and yogurt proteins with additional active ingredients carefully selected for their long-lasting effect on the hair’s health and appearance, leaving it manageable, vibrant and radiant.

The Natural Care Masks are the most natural way to ensure the nourishment and wellbeing of the hair, and as they only contain simple, fresh ingredients, they’re even edible! The in-salon treatment involves mixing an edible milk, yogurt, papaya or cocoa powder with a reconstructing base to create an intense mask that will transform the hair.

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