Christmas with Apothecary 87

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Guarantee the manliest Christmas this year with an Apothecary 87 Wash Bag. Choose from a Beard, Shave or Hair Wash Bag Kit - or all three if he’s been exceptionally good!

As a British based brand, Apothecary 87 try to keep things as local as possible and support other British companies, that’s why all of their products are manufactured in the UK, using ingredients from UK suppliers, with an intent to use natural ingredients where possible, all of which are ethically sourced.

The wash bags are full leather lined with Apothecary 87 tartan, with a large inner pocket with three small pocket compartments inside.

Beard Wash Bag Kit
  • Leather Wash Bag
  • Choice of 3 products from 10ml Original Recipe Beard Oil, 10ml
  • Vanilla & Mango Beard Oil, the Unscented Beard Oil and 1893
  • Moustache Wax
Shave Wash Bag Kit
  • Leather wash bag
  • Shave Towel
  • Choice of either 1893 Shave Cream or 1893 Shave Oil
Hair Wash Bag Kit
  • Leather wash bag
  • Wooden barber comb
  • Choice of pomade: Mogul Grease Pomade; Vanilla & Mango
  • Clay Pomade: Lock Stocke & Barrel Clay Pomade or Manitoba Pomade

Apothecary 87’s ethos centres around four key words: vintage, quality, fun and masculine. With these principles in mind, they have set out to change the perception of men’s grooming.

Taking inspiration from the wonderful 1920’s prohibition era and early vintage barbershops, Apothecary 87 has created a brand steeped in tradition, giving that authentic and very real vintage masculine feel. Apothecary 87 set out to support every man, with the belief that he should have every opportunity to be the very best man that he wants to be.

The Apothecary 87 Christmas kits will be available from, RRP £60.00

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