Ciente Rising Stars

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Hayley Welling, Director of the Ciente Artistic Team, has been working with a new young artistic group within the salon to create an evening of demonstrations and presentations to family and friends - showcasing the amazing skilful work that these young up-and-coming creative apprentices have achieved.

Nuala Leahy, Charlotte O'Riorden, Juliette Barrett and Erin McIntyre, apprentices of Ciente hair salon in Berkhamsted, created several artistic looks for the evening, including clothes styling and make-up. Each young apprentice presented their models and mood boards to family and friends at Ciente’s new Rising Star Club, which takes place every Monday evening.

Award-winning stylist Hayley, who has presented for the Fellowship and KMS Art Team on numerous occasions, shared her expertise and knowledge on not just creating the looks but also on how to present them.

An award was presented to Nuala Leahy for outstanding commitment and dedication to the company. 

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