ClubStar Art Team Gets Hands-On with Balmain

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The ClubStar Art Team mentor, Simon Tuckwell was recently named UK Educator and Artisan for Balmain Hair UK - and he wasted no time in passing on his knowledge of the premium extensions brand with his young team.

The day started with Simon and Liane Reilly from the brand showcasing all things Balmain Hair, explaining the history of the brand and showcasing the full range of products, extensions and tools. After a masterclass on all things Balmain, it was time for a short break to plan the team’s Salon International show - the grand finale of their year on the team. Although plans remain top secret, the day allowed the team to thrash out their creative ideas and practice the techniques and concepts that they want to bring to life on stage. In October, all will be revealed…

In the afternoon, it was time for the team to get back to Balmain Hair. As well as putting into practice the learnings from their morning session, the team also kept their big Salon International show in mind with new techniques to use on their models. The final show promises to bring together all aspects of the ClubStar Art Team’s year, with advice and techniques picked up from the wealth of mentors they’ve worked with over the last 12 months.

Jo Pacey from KH Hair says:

We had great insight into Balmain Hair and the quality and variety of the range. Seeing how they all serve a different purpose was really interesting and it was nice to see how they can be used within the salon, as well as creatively as they only take a few minutes to apply. It’s definitely something we can be adding to our models for shows and photoshoots from now on.

Discussing Salon International was also helpful. We've brought some incredible and very exciting ideas to the table, so it's one not to be missed. This will be our big finale and we can’t wait!

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