ClubStar Art Team Gets Inspired With Jamie Benny

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The ClubStar Art Team spent the day at the RUSH Advanced Academy in Croydon, learning all about session styling with the super-talented Jamie Benny.

This day-long workshop started with Jamie explaining how he uses meditation to combat nerves associated with the pressures of doing stage work. Jamie encouraged the team to give it a go and they were all amazed how calm and relaxed they felt after only five minutes! This part of the session continued with Jamie giving advice on presentation skills and how important it is to be aware of how personalities can come across on the stage.

Once the team had learnt all about how to present themselves, Jamie demonstrated new styling techniques which when combined would be sure to make them a session styling success. These skills consisted of creating texturised curls and how to produce perfect braids, which included Dutch braids and a fishtail braid that sits on the scalp. In the afternoon, the super-inspired team were able to gain further expertise by learning how to create the perfect roll using hair pads. The day finished with each team member creating a final look incorporating the technical artistry they had learnt throughout the workshop. These looks were inspired by a picture that Jamie had given them earlier in the day and had asked them to write down words that they associated with the image. The team were surprised how they could draw inspiration from an object that wasn’t hair related.

I had an amazing day! said team member Lois Negus from The Salon in Ashwell. I would like to thank Jamie Benny for being so inspiring and teaching us the importance of always trying to think outside of the box when dressing and styling hair. The tips he gave us on how to handle the nerves and pressure of being on stage are invaluable and I will certainly be putting them into practice.

Session hair is a huge interest for all of the ClubStar Art Team members so we will definitely be going back to the salon to practice and expand on the new ideas and techniques Jamie has taught us. Once again I would also like to thank the Fellowship for giving us another amazing opportunity and to the RUSH Academy for being the venue for the day.

All event photography by Simon Tuckwell

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