Clubstar Members Gain Confidence in Presenting

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On Monday 21st March Fellowship ClubStar members were treated to the opportunity to learn from Michelle Griffin in their Presentation Skills workshop.

Wella Studios in Manchester provided a great venue for the event, and Michelle welcomed the students to what was a fantastic afternoon packed full of hints and tips.

The workshop started with an education in all contributing aspects of a great presentation. It was a chance to really understand the importance of dress code, body language and how to pin point the key messages that are crucial to what you are presenting. Everyone was invited to discuss areas that concern them, and support and encouragement were provided to enhance confidence in these.

After a quick break the ClubStar members were divided into small groups and given projects to research. It was an opportunity to then apply this research and prepare a presentation. For some it was the first time they had ever presented and as they developed their knowledge their nerves subsided. It was clear that whether they wanted to learn to overcome confidence issues, or whether they wanted to take the knowledge back and help others, it really was a fantastic addition to the ClubStar calendar.

Michelle Griffin, ClubStar North Project Leader, said,

I really enjoyed watching everyone grow throughout the day. They were able to achieve a three minute presentation on stage clearly and concisely while delivering information that was relevant, educational and interesting. Everyone was able to really understand what each project was about and how to apply their own personal interests into growing as a young artist.

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