ClubStar Presents #SSTRENDS2017

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Rainbow Room International Academy in Glasgow was the venue for the first Fellowship ClubStar North evening of the year, as the Rainbow Room International Artistic Team, Sophie Laidlaw from Wonderland and Paul Paterson from Ishi took to the stage to showcase SS17 trends, hosted by ClubStar North leader Leighanne Regan.

The look and learn evening kicked off with Sophie Laidlaw and the Wonderland Artistic Team. She explained that her SS17 trend inspiration came from researching fashion trends and looking at culture shifts over the last few years. From designers being so influenced by technology, with 3D printing, laser cuts and graphic prints, she pointed out that this season there has been a revolt to a simpler and more care-free feeling. The hair showcased head hugging silhouettes, using traditional weaving and braiding techniques whilst incorporating sewing and tapestry within the hair and using the hair itself to stitch. The colour palette used on the models was muted, varying from pale slate on the lightest through to pewter and deeper raw chocolate mauve on others.

Next up was Paul Paterson from Ishi Salon, who presented his interpretation of a Spring/Summer trend. Inspired by the global cultural change and the world becoming so influenced by different cultures, Paul created earthy oranges and forest greens and worked with organic shapes and texture. He explained how the world is becoming a much smaller place and this is dividing us into our own individual tribes that we mould ourselves into. He created a short look that was graphic in shape with an extended fringe and a textured top to link into a more cyber subculture, whilst Artistic Team Member Isla’s interpretation was all about crafting, using techniques like braiding, stitching and knotting the hair to create a tribal warrior feel.

Lastly, Rainbow Room International Artistic Team member’s Diana Carson, Patrick McDougall and Megan Deigantook to the stage and wowed the crowd with their ‘extreme individualism’ inspired model presentation. With nods to globalization and its effect on our culture, they took current trends of up-cycling and the use of biodegradable materials on the catwalk and mirrored that into their looks, showcasing some incredible dressing skills. Creative hair colours ranged from clean pastels to oil spills using the ‘colour melt’ technique and target colouring and they paired these with textured crops and rough, moveable lengths.

The evening was a huge success, says host Leighanne Regan, we saw some fantastic work by some amazing teams who shared with the audience how they create concepts.

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