Clubstar Workshop with Mahogany

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On Monday 15th September, Oliver Prestage, Art Director from Mahogany, provided his expertise at the ASK Academy in London for the Fellowship’s ClubStar Workshop.

The day started with Oliver providing a background to his career along with presenting imagery of some of his work at the sold out event. After his introduction, Oliver went on to demonstrate sectioning patterns and cutting techniques whilst providing advice throughout.

The afternoon was an interactive workshop for everyone to develop from what Oliver had demonstrated in the morning. Oliver was able to provide further guidance and expertise throughout ensuring that everyone got the most out of the day. Speaking on the event, Oliver said,

It was a fantastic day and everyone was incredibly passionate. It was inspirational to see how hungry everyone was to learn and we finished the day with a drink afterwards.

Jonny Penn, from Review salons, said,

Having enjoyed being a part of ClubStar and attending many sessions this year, I was looking forward to attending this day. We worked on the precision of sectioning and cutting techniques, which I will definitely be able to take back to the salon and use on our clients. Oliver was incredibly inspiring and it was really interesting being able to hear all about his career.

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