Code Red Hair Gather Support for Neuroblastoma ChildrenÕs Cancer Alliance

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Sarah Ayonmike and her compassionate team at Code Red Hair are generating support and awareness for a young patient suffering with Neuroblastoma.

Two year old Ruby Young has a rare and aggressive form of cancer, where she is currently undergoing treatment here in the UK. Sadly though there is no protocol here in the UK should Ruby relapse and her Neuroblastoma turns refractory - meaning she is unable to remove it from her bone marrow - but there is an operation available in America. In order to get Ruby the treatment she so desperately needs, the family will need to raise £500,000 in order to be able to afford the operation.

Aiding to the cause is Code Red Hair, who are helping out with fundraisers and donating money from the salon each month. To join Code Red in their fundraising efforts, look out for their collection pot in-salon, or head to

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