Colour Project Gets Creative with Harriet Stokes

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Creative colour is the trend transforming salons across the country, with clients craving bold shades, dramatic bleeds and regular transformations. A trend that was born on social media, it presents an opportunity for salons to not only flex their creative muscles, but also to create profitable salon services.

With this in mind, Colour Project 2019 Team Leader, Paul Dennison, arranged for his team to spend the day with Harriet Stokes; colourist and educator at Not Another Salon, with 60,000 Instagram followers and a knack for creating bold, beautiful colours.

My aim for the day was to provide the team with a new approach and confidence with creative colour. I wanted them to learn some new techniques that they could take back to the salon and use confidently. – Paul Dennison

The team spent the day with Harriet at Karine Jackson’s salon space in Covent Garden, where they got hands on with Crazy Color to create a series of technicolour looks, as well as learning the science behind the techniques and how to promote and price them.

It was an amazing day. I really wanted to learn about what creative colours work over what levels, the perfect bleed and how to correct with creative colouring. In the morning, we covered in-depth colour theory about levels, what works and what doesn’t, pricing, attracting clients, converting clients to be creative… you name it, we covered it! Then we got to see a live demonstration of Harriet’s signature bleed which was amazing. - Lea Shaw, Rural Fringe

In the afternoon, it was time to get practical with hands-on colouring, guided with advice and tips from Harriet.

For someone who doesn’t do a huge amount of bright hair, it was great to learn how to use them to your advantage. The techniques we learnt were incredible and the inside info on pricing and building a creative colour clientele was fantastic! I can’t wait to show all the other girls at the salon what we learnt, and I will 100% be encouraging my clients to have a play with the softer side of creative colours now I know what I can recommend. - Lea Shaw, Rural Fringe

Colour Project 2019 Team
  • Georgia Bell, Twisted Scissors
  • Poppy Devine-Smith, Zoology
  • Kelsey Franklin, KF Hair Design
  • Hannah Godden, RUSH Kensington
  • Harriet Greenwood, Bad Apple Hair
  • Rebecca Hill, The Strand Ltd
  • Marlene Lamont, Urban Hair & Beauty Highhouse
  • Ciara McNamee, Andrew Smith Salons
  • Joanne Roe, KH Hair Leicester
  • Maarja Roots, Melissa Timperley
  • Lea Shaw, Rural Fringe Hair
  • Ivan Montoya, Hair Focus UK

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