Colour Project with Edward Darley

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The second day for the Colour Project Team was with Edward Darley at The Sassoon Academy in London on Monday 6th February.

The morning started with the Colour Project Team showcasing their incredible mood boards, which focused on the Sassoon brand, with Project Leader Chris Williams on hand to give any feedback. Then it was a chance to see Fellowship Hairdresser of the Year, Edward Darley’s incredible expertise as he demonstrated three Sassoon looks. He was joined by Carla Salceda, who also took the time to explain the colour principals that they use to compliment the hair’s shape.

After lunch the Colour Project Team were able to work on their models. Working in pairs they created stunning looks and, although you could see they were a little nervous, the confidence by the end was evident. It was another memorable day for the 12 individuals and was packed full of education.

Chris Williams, Colour Project Leader, said,

What a fantastic day! Edward Darley is an exceptional colourist and a big inspiration to me so it was great to be able to take the Colour Project Team to Sassoon for the day. It was so apparent how inspired everyone was and the amount everyone learnt was brilliant. We were also able to talk about the shoot and make some plans for that.

Amy Doyle, Martha Pountain Hair, said,

To have the opportunity to learn about shape and balance has been invaluable. It has helped us to think outside the box when it comes to colour application. The simplicity of adding a small amount of depth or an additional boost of tone when creating a soft end result is amazing. I cannot wait to take everything back to the salon!

Clare Pearson, Ash Hairdressing, said,

We had an amazing day with Edward Darley, and as a team we all feel really inspired and I can't wait to take everything back to the salon. It has been great to learn that hair colour doesn't just have to be a high fashion colour to make a great image and that every day salon colour with good placement can make a striking difference. I can't wait for the shoot now.

Photography: Alice North

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