ColourCode Pastels from Advanced Pro Salon

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Pastels have been a mainstream service in salons for the past few years, with celebrities and clients adorning the pretty hues for summer.

ColourCode Pastels from Advanced Pro Salon are designed to offer richly-tinted colour when applied to naturally light or pre-lightened hair. Available in six shades – Ice Mint, Nordic Blue, Suger Violet, Frosted Candy, Floss Pink and Clear – ColourCode Pastels is infused with the exclusive ProPlex Technology, which rebuilds the strength, structure and integrity of the hair, leaving it looking healthier and feeling stronger for longer. It is also enriched with Argan Oil which increases the hair’s elasticity and brings back shine to dull, lifeless hair.

Pastels is part of the ColourCode range, with seven families offering 112 professional shades to choose from. ColourCode offers long-lasting, colour-rich depth with up to 100% grey coverage. Pastels can be applied direct to the hair without developer and no mixing is required for a quick and colourful service. The shades can be subtle if left to develop for a shorter time, or a deeper tone if left for longer.

I’ve used ColourCode with ProPlex technology for more than eight months and I love the fact that I know my client’s hair is protected without having to add any other products or any extra cost. My clients have all noticed the shine their hair has since switching to ColourCode, even on the flattest of colours. - MJT Hairdressing

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