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Congratulations to the 2024 YAT

Schwarzkopf Professional is thrilled to announce the talented individuals selected for the coveted Young Artistic Team (YAT) of 2024. Comprising the brightest emerging stars in hairdressing from across the UK and Ireland, the YAT program is a year-long mentoring initiative designed to cultivate and elevate the future leaders of the industry.

The intense competition to join the YAT kicked off on Sunday, January 21st, at the esteemed Hunter Collective in London. The finalists, who had already impressed judges with their online submissions, demonstrated their skills, techniques, and creativity in an in-person session. 

Under the theme of total creative freedom, the final 16 contestants were given the task of cutting a minimum of 5cm from their model's hair and the choice of the entire Schwarzkopf Professional colour line to create final looks that really showcased their technical cuttings skills, colour knowledge and that reflected their artistic vision. The judging process extended beyond just the hairstyling, with makeup and clothing choices also contributing to the overall evaluation.

The atmosphere was charged with excitement as each finalist presented their model and mood board to the judges, providing insights into their inspirations, technical processes, and creative journeys. Despite the intense competition, the finalists demonstrated an impressive abundance of creativity and passion, reflecting the depth of talent emerging in the industry.

The selection process was rigorous, with the judges not only evaluating the finished model looks but also considering the candidates' knowledge, presentation skills, and enthusiasm for a year of education and opportunities. Initially planning for a team of 6, the competition was so fierce that an additional member, Max, was added to the Young Artistic Team, making it a group of seven exceptional individuals.

Notable mentions from the judging panel include the excellent Simon Cowell moment from Jerome, who revealed the unexpected addition to the team. 

Meet the 2024 Schwarzkopf Professional Young Artistic Team:

The 2024 Young Artistic Team represents the pinnacle of emerging talent in the hairdressing industry, and their journey promises to be a year of creativity, learning, and unparalleled opportunities.

Follow their journey via their social hands above and via @SKPYAT.