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InBlonde is the new professional lightening range from Sens.ùs, enhanced with the rich benefits of pearl extract.

InBlonde is the first professional lightening range from Sens.ùs to meet all the needs of naturally blonde, bleached or lightened hair. With a portfolio of products for in-salon and at home maintenance, it’s the perfect option for your blonde clients – no matter what their shade.

A perennial salon favourite, blondes are currently bigger than ever thanks to the depth and variety of shades achievable. From statement-making peroxide hues and pretty pastel tones to subtle ombré and balayage effects, there’s never been a better time to be blonde – or more options to do so.

InBlonde provides a full suite of options for every colourist, and thanks to its key ingredient of pearl extract, boasts unbeatable shine and brilliance with every shade.

In salon, there are multiple options to achieve your dream looks. Multi-purpose Cosmetic Lightening Oil provides subtle lift up to three levels, making it ideal for creating delicate, gradual lightening for sun-kissed, beige-blonde shades on natural or coloured hair. Gentle, rapid and reliable, it can also be used to revitalise highlights and natural colour, as well as blending regrowth.For more dramatic lift, Deco Dustplus+ is the latest revolution in bleach powder and can lighten by up to seven levels while respecting the integrity of the hair. A protective

Polyamino Sugar Condensate complex cares for hair as you lift, leaving the cuticle compact even after application.

The ammonia and PPD-free Cosmetic cream toner can be used on naturally blonde, bleached or lightened hair to neutralise warm tones and produce fantasy shades. Enriched with pearl extract, hair is left with supreme shine and unbeatable condition. Eight shades are available, as well as one clear toner: Platinum Dawn for a neutral blonde effect, Ice Morning for an arctic blonde, Steel Blue Lounge for a steely impact, Sand Party for a natural neutral, Caramel Dinner to accentuate natural warm hues, Apricot Sunset to enhance warm tones, Strawberry Bar for fantasy pink tones, Lilac Couch for smoky purples and Clear, to adapt or correct shades.

Once clients leave the salon, a powerful duo of pearl-enhanced products ensure their colour maintains its integrity right up to the next salon visit. Ultra Shine Shampoo is enriched with pearl extract to gently cleanse fragile, porous hair and leave it healthy and shiny. It also banishes brassy tones for perfect blonde maintenance. Ultra Shine Conditioner is also enriched with pearl extract. This deeply-regenerating conditioner revitalises coloured hair, adds shine and leaves it strong, supple and resilient.

As with all Sens.ùs products, both the in-salon and at home products are manufactured at the brand’s eco-friendly facility in the heart of Tuscany, on the banks of the River Tiber. Ingredients are locally and ethically sourced, as well as being tested and developed in-house by hairstylists to ensure optimum results. For blonde that carries the Made in Italy stamp of quality, make it all about InBlonde in 2017.

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