Debbie G Inspires Evangeline Barrett on Two Day Course

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Evangeline Barret from BLONDZ Hair in Weymouth continued her incredible journey as Step Up & Shine Scholarship winner, as she spent two days with industry expert and her Project Leader Debbie G at Billi Currie in London.

This year is tailored to Evangeline’s desires for education and she really has made the most out of this incredible opportunity already! Each course is chosen by Evangeline and her admiration for Debbie G meant she was not going to miss out on an opportunity to learn from her. Evangeline knew she would benefit from Debbie’s Sassoon background, as well as learning her incredible methodology for cutting hair.

On both Monday 4th July and Tuesday 5th July Evangeline started the day with an incredible demonstration from Debbie G, before spending each afternoon working on her own models with guidance along the way.

The course really developed Evangeline’s knowledge of how to be really structured in her cutting style, whilst also enhancing her skills in creating softness and movement but with a strong shape. Everything was so salon friendly and Evangeline cannot wait to take the education back to the salon. Evangeline said,

I was really excited to have the opportunity to spend two days with such an incredible expert. Debbie has been an amazing Project Leader so I knew I would come away with so much knowledge. I took so much away from the course and I am so excited to start creating looks with such an expensive finish! I even had the chance to go along with Debbie to The Fellowship’s Colour Night and help the legendary Ann Herman in-between the two days, so I feel very lucky.

Photography by Alphonso Grose

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