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Jemstones Beauty & Skincare Studio in Lisburn has recently launched their new facial, Dermaplane. Hugely popular in America and with many a celeb, this treatment has now made its way to the UK, and now, Lisburn, Northern Ireland.

Dermaplaning uses a fine blade to scrape away dull, dead skin cells that build up on the skin, as well as removing fine vellus hairs. This leaves your skin baby soft and prepped for products to penetrate deeply. The treatment is also pain-free and very relaxing.

At Jemstones, their Dermaplane facial (£55) takes 55 minutes and includes a full facial cleanse, Dermaplane, detox clay masque, rich antioxidant serum packed with vitamins and GLAs to boost your new skin further and encourage cell production, and finished with moisturiser and SPF. Results usually last around four weeks.

Proving to be the treatment that everyone wants to try, The Style Studio Blogger took a trip to Jemstones to see what all the fuss was about. Here she gives her honest verdict on the treatment.

Style Studio Blog on Dermaplaning at Jemstones

Ohh girls, after months of Googling for info, I took the plunge this morning and went for Dermaplaning on my face (clinical name for shaving) - although not a drop of shaving cream in sight, only a scalpel... a 10-gauge surgical blade - at the fabulous Jemstones Beauty & Skincare Studio, Lisburn.

Suffice to say I'm 100% going back in four or five weeks time as I’m ecstatic with the results - although you can do a one-off treatment if you wish.

Cosmopolitan tells us that Dermaplaning is very big in America, with the models and actresses loving it and says, "It'll change your life as far as make-up application goes", as every single fine hair on your face is gone (the soft, light hairs that lasers can't remove).

You will have a flawless canvas for your make-up, and right enough you should see my skin, as it's the first time that all of the peach fuzz is gone. My skin has never felt so soft.

I thought I would try it before judging Best Dressed at Ladies Day on Sat 4th Nov at Down Royal Racecourse, as it gives an AIRBRUSH finish for your make-up by removing ALL soft hair on your face, while also being super exfoliating, giving similar results to Microdermabrasion.

My verdict…

  • Immediate gratification with more even skin tone/texture and removal of hair and also long-term results
  • Costs £55 (all prices seemed very reasonable at the salon)
  • Two treatments for the price of one!!! Deep exfoliation (by safely scraping off top layer of skin with a scalpel) and facial mask, but also at same time removes all fine facial hair
  • 100% painless. I felt NOTHING
  • Hair will not grow back thicker or darker. This was my biggest fear of this treatment so I will confirm next week. But I'm assured that is an old wives' tale and fine facial hair will grow back exactly the same as before. If any thicker, darker hairs are on the face, these are removed by threading beforehand
  • Reduces lines, wrinkles, dark spots, acne scarring and open pores
  • Greater penetration of your home skin products by 80%
  • Smoother, brighter complexion as it removes all dull, dead skin cells and increases cell turnover. Boosts collagen production
  • No side effects. I had no redness at all afterwards and was good to go immediately after treatment. School run ready!
  • Need to be very diligent post treatment with use of SPF
  • Very relaxing treatment

So if it's good enough for celebs and the likes of Miley Cyrus, well it's good enough for me!

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