Ecaille: The Latest Colour Trend

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Jack Howard at Paul Edmonds, international hair colourist to the likes of Gillian Anderson, Poppy Delevingne and Suki Waterhouse, gives his tips on the newest A-list colour trend… Ecaille.

As we all know hair colour trends are constantly changing and moving forward. For some time now I’ve been noticing the evolution of Ombré and Balayage, and of late I’ve been as bored by Ombré as much as I’ve tired of classic foils. So I’m excited to hear from California about the latest buzzword taking the states by storm; Ecaille – the French word for tortoiseshell.

Consider Ecaille the moody sister to Ombré and Bronde. Golden lights are mixed with darker, richer caramel tones whilst incorporating shades of honey, amber, golden blonde and dark brown paired with gloss.

We’re already seeing it on celebrities like Jessica Alba, Gisele Bundchen and Khloe Kardashian, and before now I just couldn’t put a name to it. Look through any glossy magazine or spot the models on the catwalk sporting this shade; not as dramatic as Ombré but less subtle than Bronde.

Like a tortoiseshell, Ecaille features many different shades. Some may choose to add more amber or honey tones, but others could opt for darker bases and golden strands. That’s the beauty of this trend; it’s a matter of preference. The best results come from working with shades that complement the skin tone (just a few shades lighter and darker than the base to avoid a colour that’s too dramatic).

Ecaille has that ‘lived-in’ feel, which I personally love so much, but this technique is richer in shades to help create dimension for a fully 3D colour. To achieve this look I’m working with a variety of techniques including Babylights throughout for a gradual blended minimal look, and a face frame of Balayage around the front. Merged techniques and fresh takes on names keep hair colour interesting, as we’re able to create totally personalised looks.

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