Elegant Affair for Energy Hair Birthday Celebration

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Guests gathered in all their finery to help Energy Hair owner, Nathan Plumridge, and his talented team at the Topsham salon, celebrate 18 successful years in business. Having launched in 1997 with his late Father, Nathan reminisced on how the times had changed in terms of hair fashion, and recounted some funny stories from the past.

Held on the lawn at Darts Farm in glorious sunshine, the event was an ultra-swish afternoon of high fashion, glasses of fizz, mellow music and a sumptuous afternoon tea, including a rather impressive array of cakes.

Children were kept entertained with a sweet store and a host of traditional games, from hook a duck to a classic coconut shy.

Following a move to its current location at the popular Darts Farm, the salon has continued to expand and grow from strength to strength, and is now in the top 5% of salons in the UK according to figures from the National Hairdressers’ Federation.

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