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Created in 2016 by Nikki Huebner, EndureLash is the only organic eyelash extensions drying and cleansing cloth that protects against shedding, snagging and pulling, ensuring fewer lost lashes.

Following the success of the EndureLash drying and cleansing cloth, there was demand for Nikki to create the Endure organic eye make-up removal cloth for everyone to use to remove eye make-up, with or without lash extensions.

EndureLash Organic Drying Cloth

EndureLash drying cloths are made of 100% Organic Cotton Terry that is woven and spun in such a way that provides eyelash extension wearers a gentler way of drying their eyelashes with minimal snagging, shedding or pulling. The organic and hypoallergenic nature of the cloth also means that they are gentle enough to use on the ultra-sensitive skin that surrounds the eye.

EndureLash Organic Eye Make-up Removal Cloth

Made with Organic Bamboo, EndureLash developed the eye make-up removal cloths to make looking after eyelash extensions an easy part of your beauty routine. The make-up removal cloths are a safe, hypoallergenic tool to cleanse the delicate skin around your eyes, using only warm water, avoiding harsh chemicals and reducing cosmetic waste.

Endure Organic Eye Make-up Removal Cloth

Created for those without lash extensions, the Endure organic eye make-up removal cloth is a reusable tool to gently remove make-up instantly. The hypoallergenic and organic bamboo cloth is safe to use on even the most delicate of eye areas using only warm water, but also can work in conjunction with your favourite cleanser. The reusable cloth banishes the need to use harsh chemicals, cotton wool, disposable wipes, or make-up sponges that can harbour bacteria.

EndureLash is committed to donating a portion of their end of year proceeds to the Ronald McDonald House Charities, in memory of founder Nikki’s daughter, Chyler Nicole Huebner.


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