Enhance the Colour of your Tattoos with Vibrancy Serum from Electric Ink

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Are you keen to make your tattoos look fresh and enhanced for longer? Promote the vibrancy of your tattoo and maintain ink pigment with the moisturising formula of the Electric Ink Tattoo Vibrancy Serum (RRP £12.95).

The special ingredients of Electric Ink Tattoo Vibrancy Serum hydrates and evens skin tone whilst soothing fine lines and wrinkles. Rich in special ingredients such as Inca Inchi oil, Vitamin C and Amino Acid, the serum is calming and nourishing whilst preserving and protecting your ink.

Featuring the revolutionary Liftonin-Xpert formula, the Electric Ink Tattoo Vibrancy Serum helps to reduce signs of skin redness, inflammation and supports the maintenance and intensity of tattoo ink. With added Vitamin C to protect from sun damage, Inca Inchi Oil to hydrate the skin and added amino acid which acts as a conditioner with pH-regulating properties.

All Electric Ink Skincare products are vegan friendly and cruelty-free.


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