Enzorosario celebrate their 30th year in the business

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Enzorosario has celebrated their 30th year in the business with a revamp of their already popular salon in the beautiful village of Godalming, Surrey. The salon now has an extended area in which a brand new L'Oreal Colour Bar has been built, allowing clients to be part of the colour journey.

The salon has been on the village High Street for 30 years and is a popular family salon with pricing available for all budgets. Having been a L'Oreal Salon for many years the logical step was to integrate an area in which clients could familiarise themselves with the technical aspects of colour work.

Enzorosario’s salon co-owner explains,

The salon has taken on a new dimension with a slightly new look. Don't worry the same great team and the salon environment that everyone loves is still there with a great addition. We look forward to seeing you!

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