Errol Douglas' Top Five Golden Globes 2014 Red Carpet Looks

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Errol Douglas MBE takes a closer look at the five Golden Globe hairstyles which really caught his eye!

Lupita Nyong’O 

This is how to do super short, sassy and utterly glamorous Afro hair. Showing off a flame red Ralph Lauren number and a stunning neckline, this young actress can pull off the crop of all Afro crops.

Condition is everything here, and styling it to achieve that super straight look needs to be done carefully to avoid a dry finish. My Treat&Style works particularly well on Afro hair, delivering the straight whilst infusing the hair with Keratin from the capsule system to keep that shine and minimise damage.

Take small sections and use the Treat&Style from root to end. Rub a little non-sticky hairspray through the hands and carefully pat the hair to add a little hold once finished.”

Kerry Washington

Subtle mid-length glossy locks from this red carpet veteran with a classic vintage feel created by building in a muted wave from just below the ear to ends.

This, for me, is how to be consistently glamorous without crowding the dress or growing baby bump. Kerry's soft side parting avoids a harsh line on her Afro hair, really setting off her face framing waves.

These can be achieved using a straightener used traditionally from crown to ear, then bending it gently as you move from ear to the end of each section. To protect the moisture in Afro hair, my Treat&Style Keratin button can infuse as it styles which also means no additional product is needed to finish, avoiding weighing the hair down and tugging on the wave created.

Cate Blanchett

A leading actress nailing a superb rolled vintage 'do' for old fashioned glamour. With super hydrated locks prepped with a pre-event conditioning regime no doubt, the length has been pinned underneath around the nape ensuring that the roll is smooth but very defined.

The side parting, with a little finger combing, ensures lift on the crown before pinning into place. Running my Treat&Style through the sections to infuse a Keratin capsule system shine before pinning will achieve that smooth straight high-shine finish.


Hayden Panettiere

This might turn out to be a polarising look, but I love this slicked back rock n roll 'Ziggy' inspired look for Hayden – a little bit of attitude from a young talented actress who’s brought the same to her role in Nashville.

This shows off her fresh complexion and compliments her Tom Ford choice perfectly. The cut here is very important, blunt and precise, and is shown off by a precision comb back at the sides contrasted with a root lifting blow-dry.

To avoid losing shine, blow-dry the hair (minus the side panels) to lock in moisture using my infrared dryer which also speed dries for minimal affect on the hair's condition. Lift at the roots with a barrel brush pointing the dryer nozzle downwards as you go.

Apply a strong hold wet look gel to the sides and use a wide tooth comb to perfect the finish and deliver that contrast with the rest of the hair.

Amy Adams

A stunning and intricate braided hair-up made current by a centre parting and two small sectioned plaits pulled back into a main braided bun. This gives a great extra lift at the crown and allows the dress to take centre stage.

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