Errol Douglas' Top Red Carpet Hairstyles From The Grammys

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Errol Douglas MBE talks us through his top six hairstyles from some of the world's most talented ladies at the 2014 Grammy Awards.

Taylor Swift 

A soft playful ponytail from last year’s Heidi braid winner that works perfectly with her high sparkle intricately detailed Gucci gown.

I love the low side parting that shows off the freshness of her young complexion. For maximum swish the positioning of the pony, equal distance between nape and crown, is key. A gentle finger comb (not brush backcomb) of the tonged sections will build in a little body without stiffness.


A Grammy red carpet veteran that never disappoints! Here Mrs Carter has gone for an edgier Afro take on a Gatsby-esque wave that doesn't detract from the dramatic gown, and is given dimension with reverse Ombre at the roots.

Her well hydrated natural hair has been quickly rough dried for minimal impact on moisture levels, try my infrared dryer for an inside out speedy dry, very lightly tonged and combed out.

Katy Perry

Katy’s big bold up-do, complete with stunning braided hairpiece, lets this Valentino gown literally sing. This Grammy girl gets it right! Great shine built into her perfectly brushed back hair allows the braid to pop. 

Up-do hair pieces are a great way to totally transform your look for a big night – I love the Balmain and PAK choices out there at the moment.

Rita Ora 

My favourite look of the night – hands down! Brunette mid-length Rita Hayworth is “Ora’d” into  platinum shoulder kissing, glossy sexy set waves that bring a young edge to vintage. Perfect for that high glitz Lanvin choice of dress too.

To avoid losing the shine, try my infrared dryer which speed dries whilst locking moisture from the inside out for minimal impact on condition. Tong from ear to ends pinning each section up as you go along, leave pinned for as long as you can before heading out. Then carefully and VERY gently rake out each curled section with your fingers. Hold with a non-texture changing hairspray.

Louise Roe 

Our stylish Brit L-Roe nailed this soft high shine vintage side sweep that contrasts beautifully with the hard edge of her laser cut leather dress. A good volume blow-dry from the roots that doesn’t suck the moisture out allows her Ombre and soft tonged waves to really deliver the glamour.

To avoid losing the shine, my infrared dryer delivers a speed dry whilst locking in moisture from the inside out for minimal impact on condition. Lift at the roots with a barrel brush and point the dryer nozzle downwards as you go.

Alisha Keys

This lady gets the Grammys and gets her Afro hair – a silky quiff and a smooth side sweep up, I love it. This is all about the condition and the definition of the curl in the quiff. Both have to be on point to avoid just a mass of hair piled in an up-do.

Blow-dry smooth with a directional dryer nozzle pointed upwards from root to end in an 'up and back' movement. My infrared dryer dries from the inside out, so with moisture locked in, the hair stays hydrated and responds better to a curl defining styling product to finish. Use a high shine mist to pat and smooth the sides to create the drama in the height.

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