Essence of Bees: A Tribute to Bees, Science and Luxury

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L’Elixir des Glaciers is an exceptionally concentrated line of skincare offering rare and luxurious products crafted in Switzerland with the crème de la crème of natural ingredients.

Pure water is taken from the ancient glacier, along with active ingredients from the Valmont phyto-alpine garden and is infused with the brands signature triple DNA technology, to create beauty products that defy the current industry standards of cellular cosmetics.

Now L’Elixir des Glaciers introduces ‘Essence of Bees’, a trio of new products featuring a unique complex from the hive; Cure Majestueuse, Masque Majestueux and Sérum Majestueux Vos Yeux that establish a unique and unexpected alchemy between beekeeping, science and ultimate luxury.

The three new products have been developed as a tribute to bees at a time when the species is hugely under threat. With the help, passion and knowledge of Swiss bee keepers, L’Elixir des Glaciers have enabled the delicate creatures to survive in the harsh mountain climate and to create the three elements that make up the ‘ Essence of Bees’ complex for the first time in the world:

  • Honey, described by Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, as a powerful moisturizer and skin repairer
  • Propolis, which Aristotle described in his day as a remedy for skin afflictions thanks to its purifying virtues
  • The regenerating Royal Jelly, known as the most precious of the hive’s products and which was in ancient Greece an essential constituent of ‘ambrosia’, the immortality liquor of the Gods and Goddesses of Olympus
Cure Majestueuse Votre Visage

This nourishing, anti-aging beauty oil offers the cutting-edge performance of a serum combined with the beautiful and sensory experience of oil with a light finish. The formula is divine to apply and is absorbed into the skin in record time, releasing powerful omegas and precious ingredients from the Essence of Bees complex (honey, propolis, royal jelly).

Cure Majestueuse is a universal oil that can be used on all skin types, even oily or acne-prone, however it is particularly beneficial for damaged, dry or mature skin.

Masque Majestueux Votre Visage

Masque Majestueux is a universal beauty balm for mature skin of all types that reveals nourished, revitalised and exquisitely soft skin.

Designed to be massaged into the face, the texture of the mask changes as you apply it, creating a rare sensory experience that infuses the skin with precious ingredients from the Essence of Bees complex.

Sérum Majestueux Vos Yeux

This extraordinarily silky smooth eye lifting serum firms the eyelids for a return to younger looking eyes. Day after day, skin around the eyes appears smoother and more toned.

Soin Majestueux Facial

And if the above wasn't good enough, Soin Majestueux is a complete 90-minute nourishing, shaping and remodelling treatment that focuses on the face and the neckline. Massage is the focal point of the treatment, featuring three different techniques over 45 minutes. For a truly divine experience and an all-over sense of wellbeing, the hands are also included in the treatment.

The three different massages in this exclusive treatment ensure that the face is given the brands best technical expertise, developed over the last 20 years. Valmont’s signature massage, The Time Magician, is an energizing radiant massage to relax the features and make tension disappear. It is a lifting and nourishing massage, inspired by technical surgical face lift techniques that acts precisely on facial muscles to tone and relax features.

Newly introduced to L’Elixir des Glaciers by Valmont treatments is a youthful massage inspired by the Japanese technique Kobido, which was born in Japan in 1472 for the Empress and has now become a traditional rejuvenating art for Japanese women. It involves pressure and friction along meridians and acupuncture points on the face and neck.

Over the 90 exquisite minutes, there are two cleansing treatments, three massages and four masks including the essential Regenerating Collagen Mask Treatment. Soin Majestuex is veritable youth therapy for the skin that will leave your features totally rejuvenated with a shaping and modelling effect.

The Soin Majestueux facial is available at White Room Beauty and the Akasha Spa at Hotel Café Royal.

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