Essential Looks 2:2017 – The IKONIC Collection

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As a forward-thinking hair brand, Schwarzkopf Professional continues to bridge the runway and real life with a captivating collection of motivational trend looks – this season saw inspiration from the past taking centre stage on today’s catwalks. With iconic looks as the key trend driver and the massive #ThrowBackThursday social media movement showing no signs of slowing down, past looks are set to be huge.

So, inspired by the #throwback fashion movement, this autumn/winter Schwarzkopf Professional bring their most iconic looks to the foreground once again: welcome to the IKONIC Collection from Essential Looks.

Since 1997, there have been over 40 Essential Looks Collections, translating directional catwalk trends into wearable salon looks for hairdressers worldwide; this season’s autumn/winter collection revives and celebrates the most iconic cut, colour and styling looks from past collections – showcasing that they are still just as relevant today as they ever were.

International Creative Director for Schwarzkopf Professional, Simon Ellis describes the collection: “Icons never die. They influence, they inspire, they are relevant, they are everlasting both in the past, today and in the future; so, let’s celebrate 20 years of Essential Looks… be prepared – it’s throwback season – but the best is yet to come!”

Essential Looks Ikonic Collection

Each of the eight iconic looks has a place in today’s salons, with the commercial interpretation ready for daily client wear.

IKONIC Look: Starlet (Glamorous Reality Collection 2/2005)

A trend inspired by the icons of the silver screen and Hollywood’s golden era, with classic images of Monroe, Clara Bow and Grace Kelly showcasing their sensual appeal – it’s this effortless glamour that gave rise to the Starlet look.

Starlet’s haircut has long, chopped-out layers with shorter internal lengths and a mid-length pointed out fringe. Blue blacks, intensive violet reds and blonde cendré colours are used to compliment both haircut and skin tone.


IKONIC Look: Out of Shape (111 Years Collection 2/2009)

Motivated by the ‘New Wave’ music scene with its origins in Punk and Electronica, this trend perfectly captures these two cultural moods.

The Out of Shape look is very directional but still commercial, as the androgynous short style takes on avant-garde form, with multi-layered shaping that creates depth and dimension. Colour leans towards the synthetic and experimental: an ultra-white, two-tone blonde blended with an anti-establishment red – it’s sure to get people talking.


IKONIC Look: Neo Couture (Catwalk to Salon Collection 2/2012)

Walk on the dark side with a trend inspired by the androgynous, the powerful and the intense. The fashion direction details a dominating black colour palette with sharp tailoring portraying a sense of rigour. The Neo Couture look showcases an ultra-modern appearance with intense short, strong cuts and longer fringes. Ultra-cool, blue-black tones create a standout colour finish.



IKONIC Look: Electric Youth (Colour Buzz Collection 1/2013)

Inspired by the same dynamic energy that brought us Punk and Grunge, Schwarzkopf Professional created the Electric Youth trend. In our hyperkinetic, interactive, blogosphere reality, the only use for a rulebook is to tear it up and this look demonstrates the ‘tribal culture’ perfectly, with an ‘anything goes’ approach to fashion.

The Electric Youth look shuns prescriptive cut and colour – to embrace the nonconformist, cool kids who never want to ‘fit in’ – contrasting lengths and shapes, mixed with modern texture are seen in the hair, whilst the colour blends bright highlights and blondes with soft tones of biscuit and apricot.


IKONIC Look: Rok Chik (Modern Style Collection 1/2015)

The ROK CHIK trend continues to fashionably – rock on! Driven by the ‘wild side’, this look displays a take on rock chic glamour with provocative and daring directional outfits front and centre.

Short styles with high shine and textured finishes show off an adventurous personality, combined with bold, yet feminine fusions of red and copper tones to complete the Rok Chik look.


IKONIC Look: Hippi Glam (Modern Style Collection 1/2015)

Enthused with bright florals and patterned prints from the 1970’s, Schwarzkopf Professional devised the Hippi Glam trend. The overtly feminine look demonstrates a strong hippy-dippy vibe with floaty dresses and tasselled kaftans.

Ideal for longer hairstyles the Hippi Glam look can be undone and sensual with modern braids, or tied into simple up-dos. Colours are sun-kissed and subtle to compliment free-flowing hair.


IKONIC Look: Urban Sports (Made to Create Collection 1/2016)

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle and continuous momentum paves the way for the Urban Sports trend – sportswear has never looked this good with cool trainers, tracksuits and super light materials.

The Urban Sports look takes a strong colour direction; a traffic-stopping look, with a stunning colour concept that incorporates deep layers of intensive copper and orange tones. Perfect for both men and women – the quiff is still the ideal statement look for modern short styles.


IKONIC Look: Opulent (Modern Ikon Collection 1/2017)

The Opulent trend is a contemporary take on old-school glamour, with 50’s silhouettes, Renaissance-inspired shades and gorgeous curls – it’s feminine, sultry and very sophisticated.

Inspired by the colour palette of the Renaissance artists, the Opulent look uses rich, yet muted shades in the hair for a very modern approach to opulence. These multi-tonal accents create an illuminated effect, perfect for waves and curls that are styled with the 1950s in mind.


To receive the full Essential Looks 2:2017 ePackage, contact a Schwarzkopf Professional representative. Further Essential Looks App information can be found on iTunes and Google Play.

The Essential Looks IKONIC Collection is available now.

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