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Essential Looks from Schwarzkopf Professional is about rethinking, reworking, renewing and reinventing hair. Every day. Everywhere. Together, with a true passion for hair. Whilst Essential Looks brings hairdressers around the world inspiration, it’s what YOU do with it that transforms it into fashion-forward, relevant, irresistible and salon-friendly hairstyles.

This season it's no different as The Essential Looks Spirit Collection brings fresh creativity dedicated to the profession of hairdressing. Gone are the days when Fashion Week trends were dictated by the few – today’s stories are more fluid than ever before and speak to every one of us – kick-starting the cultural conversations we all need to have. International Creative Director for Schwarzkopf Professional, Simon Ellis describes the collection:

For 2020 we’ve seen a more diverse runway than ever before, putting the individual at the heart of the zeitgeist all over the world. So, we’re marking the start of this new decade by celebrating the uniquely creative spirit that is the essence of every one of us. Punk Spirit is all about self-expression, a new glamour for freethinkers, Refined traditions marries technical expertise and classic silhouettes to subvert and evolve, and Let It Bloom is an essay in modern romance, all beautiful florals and soft vintage nostalgia.

The Spirit Collection from Essential Looks

The Spirit Collection showcases seven brand new looks across three seasonal trends, all curated with a collaborative team that have also developed a range of easy-to-achieve colour techniques – ready to get the most out of Schwarzkopf Professional's 2020 innovations!

Punk Spirit

This trend is all about individuality; it’s quirky, it’s rebellious, it’s expressive and it’s spirited but with a twist of softness; layering and transparency create a moody glamour where anything goes.

Punk Spirit Catwalk Look: Lara

Flashes of bold purple and blue peek through dark midnight tones as Colour Experimentalist, Edoardo Paludo makes a statement with IGORA and the #Camouflaging application technique. Schwarzkopf Professional Editorial Ambassador, Tyler Johnston cut the hair off the shoulder, creating various layers and lengths for a free-spirited punky edge. The finish is soft, yet fierce thanks to OSiS+ Soft Dust root-lifting styling.

For me, making people look good is all about connecting with the individual – to create a look for someone you need to feel their spirit and really get where they’re coming from. – Tyler Johnston

Punk Spirit Salon Look: Maja

Global Schwarzkopf Professional Colour Ambassador, Lesley Jennison creates colour with a beautifully rebellious side using Chroma ID and the #Camouflaging application technique. The base is taken up to white blonde before multiple pastel shades are hand-painted through select mid-lengths and ends. Ambassador Joana Neves keeps extreme length in the hair before forming braids that utilise 3-4 strands to create a modern 3D effect; the playful ice-cream shades layer organically over each other as they are concealed and revealed through the braiding.

I wanted something unexpected with an extreme length that emphasised Lesley’s beautiful colours. This braiding gives a sexy-cool, 3D effect. – Joana Neves

Punk Spirit Key Colour Technique: #Camouflaging

It’s that kind of salon-friendly new technique that everybody wants; insta-perfect colour that’s ultra-easy to achieve! Courtesy of customisable, semi-permanent mix and tone colour system, Chroma ID, all hairdressers have to do is select contrasting pastel shades to paint onto the hair in vertical stripes. Once coloured, hair can be woven into sleek braids, worn loose in a rainbow-boho kind of vibe, or drawn up and back – a party in a ponytail.

Spoiler alert: this camo is NOT for individuals that want to blend in!


Refined Traditions

One lesson 2020 is determined to teach us is that there is nothing old-fashioned about craft. This trend sees timeless fabrications and classic shapes overthrown as technical expertise reinvents tradition into a whole new kind of style that’s all about flair meets precision.

Refined Traditions Catwalk Look: Martyna

Inspired by the desert as well as the fine weave of a Persian rug, Colour Experimentalist, Edoardo Paludo balances a natural-looking story of soft, whispering ashy blonde with light and pure tonal variations using shades from the IGORA Muted Desert palette, applied with the #Muting technique. For the cut and style, Schwarzkopf Professional Editorial Ambassador, Tyler Johnston showcases precision at its best; hair is cut short into a fringed pageboy style that stays in place all day long thanks to OSiS+ Session Label Super Dry Memory Net.

My palette was inspired by the layered tones in the Argentinian desert landscape, and that almost stripy effect you get with naturally pale blonde on little kids. – Edoardo Paludo

Refined Traditions Salon Look: Tilila

Global Schwarzkopf Professional Colour Ambassador, Lesley Jennison uses a blend of deep brunette and mauve Chroma ID tones and the #Muting application technique to create rich, hidden depths. Schwarzkopf Professional Editorial Ambassador, Tyler Johnston, keeps the hair long for a bohemian vibe and styles with OSiS+ Texture Blow for touch-activated texture, easy volume and a feather-light finish.

The techniques and colours mute together here for lustre and shine. So, you see depths and rich mahogany coming through. – Lesley Jennison

Refined Traditions Look: Melanie

As a special addition to the trend, National Essential Looks Ambassador, Boris Brugger showcases a second look created with IGORA Muted Desert and the #Muting application technique... with some serious 70's vibes! Here elegant, cool beige tones flow through shoulder-length hair that's been tousled with touchable texture using OSiS+ Beach Texture.

Using a diagonal graduation to frame the face, I created a really wearable look with fine, flowing colour. – Boris Brugger

Refined Traditions Key Colour Technique: #Muting

Most people visiting Argentina’s Salta region would take a selfie and move on, but Schwarzkopf Professional were fixated by the gorgeous dusty desert layers of rose pinks, reds, bricks and browns…and how to breathe those sheer, layered depths of colour into the hair. #Muting is a super modern and a really simple technique to add light and throw shade using three colours. The first shade is applied underneath and all around the hairline, then it’s all change across the mid-lengths before a third shade is blended through the ends. Almost a mirage as covetable results transition from subtle to strong, dark to warm and sheer to deep.


Let It Bloom

It's an ethereal, shimmery, intensely pure, layered, super-duper-luxe, light-as-air kind of situation. Vintage prints and hothouse blooms, where softly layered sheer meets shimmery fabrics, all tell of endless summer days and the hair is slicked back to embrace a mood of cool romance in free-to-dream 70's shades.

Let It Bloom Catwalk Look: Masha

Using a blend of gold and dusted rose tones from IGORA ROYAL, Global Schwarzkopf Professional Colour Ambassador, Lesley Jennison crafts a magically reflective look with a vintage feel thanks to the #Shimmering application technique. Schwarzkopf Professional Editorial Ambassador, Tyler Johnston, goes for a modern mushroom cut that's bolstered with strength thanks to a transformative FIBRE CLINIX Tribond Service.

This is such a beautiful look – giving you a bronze and golden blonde with almost translucent shades, #Shimmering with a life of their own. - Lesley Jennison

Let It Bloom Salon Look: Lauren

Glossy brunette tones are kissed with hand-painted blonde accents as Global BLONDME Ambassador, Jack Howard weaves his signature balayage techniques through long hair. Ambassador, Joana Neves keeps the length before styling free-flowing waves that are finished with Oil Ultime Mediterranean Finishing Oil for radiantly smooth, glowing hair.

The new, deep BLONDME Toners allowed me to create a mix of glazes using a hybrid technique for a #Shimmering finish. – Jack Howard

Let It Bloom Key Colour Technique: #Shimmering

This technique sees magical glossiness and rich depths of colour hand-applied onto hair to create shimmer and shine. First, the hair is speckled with little touches of light colour and rich tones of gold. The finishing trick glosses and glazes for a subtly dappled, super-luxe shimmer that catches the light.

Essential Looks App and Trend Report

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