Essential Looks: Creating Tomorrow’s Colour Today

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This season it's all about colour! Colour opens a world of beautiful inspiration – the chance to imagine, contrast, create and transform.

As diversity and authenticity remain the world’s biggest stories, Schwarzkopf Professional's 2:2019 Essential Looks Collection strikes the perfect balance, with trends that will appeal to both lovers of high fashion and those who love simple, wearable, everyday-accessible looks.

International Creative Director for Schwarzkopf Professional, Simon Ellis describes the Autumn/Winter collection:

It’s a super diverse new world order of self-expression, where everybody has the freedom to be whoever they want to be and exercise their individual right to creative expressionism, all the way. While change is in the air, we are also seeing a need for authenticity in everything. So, what is our take on tomorrow’s colour? It’s all about contradictions.

The ‘Creating Tomorrow’s Colour Today’ collection has taken inspiration from the extremes (and everything in between), to bring you eight brand new looks and the
techniques to recreate them – interpreted by some of the world’s most visionary hair artists. This is a collection for fashion chameleons, all over the world.

Staying true to form, this Essential Looks collection keeps a clear connection to the fashion world with one directional catwalk-inspired look per trend, plus salon-ready interpretations that are perfect for both trend-led clients and everyday transformations.

Color Clash

Grown-up confidence and glamorous spirit, Color Clash packs a full-body colour punch in a fable of modern sophistication. The spirit of fashion can take us to so many places, but somehow it feels at its most wonderful when it goes large. In this story, shades are truly bold, clashes are glamorous, silhouettes are strong, but there’s a spirit of rich fluid movement, of luxury, of the understated and lightly-worn strength.

  • Color Clash Catwalk Look – Anastasia (@anagii_): Global Schwarzkopf Professional Colour Ambassador, Lesley Jennison (@lesleyjennison) takes the #pinkhairdontcare colour trend to new levels with cool pink IGORA VIBRANCE shades over ice-white blonde. Hair is cut short by Ambassador Joana Neves (@joananeves) and styled for versatility using root lifting OSiS+ Soft Dust.
  • Color Clash Salon Look 1 – Carla (@carlapereirax): Slices of IGORA VIBRANCE purple are woven through natural dark curls thanks to Colour Experimentalist, Edoardo Paludo (@edoardopaludo). This look has been cut into a short afro by Schwarzkopf Professional’s Editorial Ambassador, Tyler Johnston (@tylerjohnstonhair) to accentuate the colour. To keep this look fresh and hydrated, use Mad About Curls Superfood Mask for healthy, happy coils.
  • Color Clash Salon Look 2 – Selena (@selenasofia): Lesley Jennison brings cascading waves of warm chocolate brown to life with expressive lights and hidden depths using IGORA VIBRANCE shades. Whilst Joana Neves styles the longer lengths ‘undone’; adding secret shape, volume and dry texture with OSiS+ Texture Craft.


The new authentic captures the cool urban mood. Urbaganza reinvents the classics with a slick, high-shine edge. Cool, certain, nonchalant; Urbaganza celebrates a unique sense of self, a reinvention of an urban attitude. Norms are shaken up, classic forms are fearlessly reimagined and unexpected combinations take the lead. A simple shape is punked-up in patent and a clean silhouette lives luxe in leather. Lines are sharp and high-shine rules!

  • Urbaganza Catwalk Look – Amy (@amyinfluence): Edoardo Paludo works silvery IGORA VIBRANCE tones over shadow roots for an edgy yet luxurious colour look with stunning shine. Tyler Johnston cuts the hair choppy and short before working OSiS+ Soft Texture through for an undone look with natural movement and texture.
  • Urbaganza Salon Look 1 – Maša (@mashabacer): Lesley Jennison uses raw, deep shades of IGORA ROYAL Earthy Clay, blended with IGORA ROYAL Golds, to lift a natural base for that sophisticated brunette colour finish. For a beautiful contrast of class and attitude, Tyler Johnston cuts the hair off the shoulder with 'rough-dried' texture and a full, choppy fringe that feels kind of badass. Use BC Bonacure pH 4.5 Color Freeze Chocolate Shampoo to lock-in and maintain salon-fresh, rich colour.
  • Urbaganza Salon Look 2 – Mieke (@miekevisser23): Urban brunettes take a walk on the metallic side as Lesley Jennison colours with a mix of cool IGORA ROYAL Ashy Cedar shades and IGORA ROYAL Naturals. Tyler Johnston leaves the hair long to heighten the luminosity effect of the colour, with a blunt cut that works with the natural texture of the hair. A BC Bonacure Fibre Clinix Tribond Service is recommended for bespoke care.

Texture Tension

Introducing #raincolor, Schwarzkopf Professional’s exciting new colour technique that delivers a shimmering illusion of volume or texture within the hair. This trend is all about Transparency, simplicity, power in purity, nuanced naturals, pastels and crisp whites. Sometimes less is more when it’s all about creating understated hair. This is a story of structured simplicity, integrity and timelessness; crisp white shirting cuts away into transparent panels and ashy hair looks supernatural, yet magically dappled in textured light.

Texture Tension X-presion (@xpresioncreativos)

For this trend Schwarzkopf Professional has partnered with Creative Experimentalists, X-presion, who truly push the boundaries of the phrase: "life is too short for boring hair!". In developing a brand-new visual illusion technique - #raincolor – the artistic team are able to take the purest IGORA ROYAL colour to create shimmering contrasts of rich golds and browns that catch the light; creating movement that feels like rain.

  • Texture Tension Catwalk Look – Petra (@petrahegedus): Hair is kept long with a full fringe. IGORA ROYAL colour is layered using a variation of the technique, #raincolortexture; where the more ‘raindrops’ used, the bolder the effect.
  • Texture Tension Salon Look 1 – Bo (@bodonttryme): The salon variation is cut short into a fringed bob where the technique is tweaked into #raincolorvolume; for a stronger, 3D effect, alternate lighter and darker IGORA ROYAL tones.

Create your own #raincolor looks...

These techniques have been bought to the global hairdressing community in one genius, easy-to- use colour stencil tool. Quickly create unique and individual results thanks to a laser-cut foil that will enable colourists to achieve their own beautiful #raincolor effect in an instant.

The world of Essential Looks is ready and waiting via! Remember to follow @schwarzkopfprouk on social media and keep up with Essential Looks via the #apassionforhair and #essentiallooks hashtags to explore the looks, products, webinars and local events.

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