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Salon professional haircare brand, Eufora International is this month launching its two latest products into the UK market, GLOSS and FIRM MIST, through educator and distributor Passion4Hair.

The new GLOSS and FIRM MIST styling products complement nearly every style, whether adding shine to an already styled look or creating one from scratch, they offer versatile options for delivering beautiful and healthy looks – they are the ultimate combination for long lasting style and incredible shine!

In signature Eufora style, both products are based in Aloe Vera to provide nutrients, essential amino acids, moisture and legendary rejuvenation benefits necessary for optimum scalp and hair health. Eufora also harnesses the power of nature with ingredients such as chamomile, nettle, coconut oil, sunflower seed extract and quinoa for added moisture, strength and protection.

FIRM MIST (RRP £22.50)

FIRM MIST offers a fast-drying versatile finishing spray ideal for setting, sculpting and finishing styles. Whether incorporating into a wet set or adding a strong hold to a finished style, this product resists humidity with anti-static, high-hold style retention.

GLOSS (RRP £22.50)

GLOSS offers a weightless high gloss shine that can be added onto any style for an increase in polish, nourishment and frizz control.

Commenting on the new products, Debbie Digby of Passion4Hair said,

Eufora products are so special because of the plethora of natural ingredients they use. Most high street products will feature water as their highest percentage ingredient, meaning the effects from natural ingredients are diluted beyond recognition; however Eufora has chosen to flip this concept on its head. Instead they have increased the concentration of ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil and Sunflower Seed Extract, meaning the hair receives all the nutrients and benefits of these super ingredients in just one spray or pump. Because of this, the hair is healthier, more vibrant and responsive, making Eufora a hero brand in our eyes.

Key ingredients and benefits:
  • Aloe Vera provides important nutrients, essential amino acids, moisture and legendary rejuvenation benefits necessary for optimum scalp and hair health
  • A botanical extract blend of Chamomile, Horsetail, Nettle and Henna provides strength, shine and promotes scalp health
  • Quinoa Protein for added protection, hydration and shine
  • Wheat Amino Acids provides moisture, strength and shine
  • Coconut Oil is rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids to deliver excellent shine and scalp nourishment
  • Sunflower Seed Extract protects against sun damage and color fading

For more information on Eufora International visit and for details on how to purchase the products please visit

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