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EveryGreen Revolutionises the Traditional Perm


With perms still making waves and curly hair trends set to dominate 2022, EveryGreen launches its new Waving Treatment in salons ensuring beautiful soft waves without the harsh chemicals associated with traditional perms.

Created with no ammonia or thioglycolic acid which both cause scalp sensitivity and hair damage, EveryGreen’s innovative formula creates full-bodied, elasticised curls which fade out after 5-6 months removing the need to cut the perm out.

Like all EveryGreen products, they’re packed with active natural ingredients, each with a specific role to play:

  • Hydrolysed Rice and Soy Proteins contribute to restoring the structure of brittle hair, making it stronger and more elastic.
  • Organic Pomegranate Oil is exceptionally moisturising and regenerates the hair fibre.
  • Goji Berry extract which is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants prevents hair ageing and degeneration.

EveryGreen’s non-aggressive Waving Treatment consists of two elements: the Waving Liquid and the Universal Neutraliser which are both kinder to the scalp and hair. Thioglycolic Acid, the harsh ingredient used in traditional perms, is substituted in the Waving Liquid with the gentler option Cysteamine HydroChloride, which restructures the hair without damaging it. There is no ammonia in the formula either, which minimises the usual scalp sensitivity as well as any unpleasant odour.

The Universal Neutraliser does not contain Hydrogen Peroxide which allows the product to work at a neutral pH (between 5-7) instead of the usual acidic pH2-3, so it’s less abrasive on the skin and doesn’t affect the natural colour of the hair.

The Waving Treatment is available in two options - for natural, untreated hair and coloured, treated hair.


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