FABHair Friction Tonics

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Maximising on the huge increase in the popularity of barbering, FABHair have created a brand to change the client experience in the barbershop.

A fragrance is such an important motivator in consumers choice, FABHair have recognised this essential information and tailored products to meet this need in the barbering industry, giving barber’s the opportunity to match their client’s mood with a harmonising aroma.

FABHair have put together six individually designed friction hair tonics - 250ml and 100ml - keeping the traditional but modern barbering in mind for the man that likes to look and smell FAB! For the best results for healthy revitalised hair and scalp, use as part of your grooming regime.

FABHair Friction Hair Tonics are formulated to give the hair and scalp a healthy look for all hair types; these products will offer you a brand new approach to your professional barbering services.

FABHair Friction Tonics are applied using massage techniques, the stimulating affect produces an invigorating sensation on the client’s scalp, which increases blood flow to the hair follicles revitalizing and refreshing the hair and scalp, giving the client a memorable experience.

For you the barber, FABHair Friction Tonics makes you and your business stand out from the rest. FABHair Tonics helps to make the hair pliable, easier to cut and style by enabling the hair to lie in its natural fall after directed application, helping your cuts to look sharper leaving hair smooth to the touch whilst gently holding your style in place - with the added bonus of a great fragrance. Add FAB Tonics to your water sprays to fragrance the water, or use as a cutting or blow-drying lotion. We guarantee your clients will love it, whichever way you use it!

FABHair Friction Tonics are a premium product designed and formulated by industry professionals for barbering professionals. Made in the UK.

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