F.A.M.E Team Finalists Take to the Salon International Stage

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On Monday 12th October, the F.A.M.E. Team 2016 finalists took to the stage with the hope of being chosen as the final four for next year.

In the morning Karine Jackson introduced Rosie Binns, Ethos; Matthew Gavin, Christian Wiles Hairdressing; Jamie Benny, Rush; Casey Coleman, Ocean Hairdressing; Melissa Timperley, Sassoons; Alfie Pfeffer, Headmasters; James Earnshaw, Francesco Advanced Academy and Zoe Williams, Ken Picton, who are the eight selected finalists.

The morning section saw each individual complete a hair-up look in a 20 minute timed session. A full audience was in attendance, along with the judging panel consisting of current F.A.M.E. Team Project Leader, Antony Licata; Gary France; Andreas Stavrou; Errol Douglas MBE; Karen Dodds; Jayne Wild; Johanna Cree Brown and Katie Mulcahy. After the allocated time had finished, the finalists stepped away from their models and left the stage with the judges being able to take a closer look at the finished looks.

The afternoon welcomed the judging panel back to the front row of The Fellowship Stage, along with President Bruno Marc, who were in attendance for the finalist’s to showcase their cut models. Every model performed a short catwalk, with music, hair, make-up and styling all being considered by the hopefuls, followed by a two minute presentation for the finalists to convey their thoughts. This was followed by the judges taking to the stage again to look at the work.

President, Bruno Marc, said,

There was a fantastic level of skill displayed in this final. Each finalist was very nervous backstage, but they have produced beautiful work that they should be very proud of. Every year the calibre gets higher and this year is no exception. It makes me very proud to be part of this industry!

The F.A.M.E. Team 2016 final four will be announced at The Fellowship luncheon in December this year, and we look forward to following their journey next year.

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