F.A.M.E. Team Head to the Toni&Guy Academy

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On Tuesday 5th April Jamie, Melissa, Rosie and Zoe made their way to the Toni&Guy Academy in London where they spent the day with award-winners Cos Sakkas and Indira Schauwecker as part of their F.A.M.E. Team journey.

The excited four met with Project Leader Antony Licata before heading to the Academy for an incredible day of education. The morning started with a demo from both Cos and Indira as they showcased exactly what makes them award-winners! Cos created a short graduated haircut finished with natural movement that was both feminine and stunning, while Indira worked with a long hair model in her braided avant-garde look. The F.A.M.E. Team were completely wowed as they watched the looks come to life in front of them.

After lunch it was a chance to work on their own braiding knowledge, as they took part in an interactive workshop. It was clear the confidence grew as they learnt tips and skills to ensure they achieve beautiful intricate finishes.

The day concluded with a look back through the collections of the last five years with Indira conveying just what techniques she uses in her renowned avant-garde styling, while Cos gave an insight into how best to prepare for a shoot.

Zoe Williams from Ken Picton Salon said,

I was absolutely blown away by what Cos Sakkas and Indira Schauwecker shared with us. I had been so excited on the lead up to this day and it exceeded my expectations. The demo in the morning was incredible and we couldn’t believe how much we learnt from just that half of the session. The afternoon was a chance for us to work with them on braiding techniques, which was something I personally really benefitted from. We finished the day on such a high as we learnt about their incredible journeys and some of the stunning collections they have created. It really was a day that none of us will forget!

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