F.A.M.E. Team Spend the Day with Bruce Masefield

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June is the half way point for this year’s F.A.M.E. Team as they embark on an incredible year of events, mentoring days, photo shoots and stage time with Project Leader Antony Licata guiding them along the way.

On Monday 6th June, Jamie, Melissa, Rosie and Zoe were in London at the Sassoon Academy with Sassoon UK Creative Director Bruce Masefield.

After an overview of his own career, Bruce went on to provide an insight into the basic principles of Sassoon before demonstrating these on his own model. This was a unique opportunity to get up close to Bruce’s incredible skills, as well as an opportunity to ask lots of questions to enhance their own knowledge. It was both personal and informative and a fantastic insight into Sassoon techniques.

The afternoon was a workshop session where everyone worked on their own model. Each look was completely different and Bruce was able to guide the F.A.M.E. Team as they went back to basics and worked on classic techniques with a modern twist.

Zoe Williams of Ken Picton said,

We all came away with new techniques and tips in precision cutting. Bruce really conveyed the importance of a high finish in showcasing our work, as well as highlighting how the tiniest differences in sectioning, elevation and over-direction can really alter the shapes you create. I think we are all looking forward to putting our newfound confidence and discipline in to practice!

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