F.A.M.E. Team Spend the Day with Skyler McDonald

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A trip to the Seanhanna Academy in London was the next stop for The F.A.M.E. Team on Monday 25th April, as they spent the day with past F.A.M.E. Team member, Skyler McDonald.

It was certainly packed full of education and advice with Jamie, Melissa, Rosie and Zoe even being treated to a lunch with Sean, in which he gave an insight into his business and how he got to where he is now.

Before lunch Skyler got The F.A.M.E. Team off to a flying start as she demonstrated an array of fundamental avant-garde techniques. She was able to convey just how she has developed creatively by also describing her own career journey, while also allowing everyone to really get involved and recreate her looks.

The afternoon continued with a really innovative concept of changing the hair colour by adding heat. This was completely new to The F.A.M.E. Team and it certainly was something that had the wow effect for them.

Melissa Timperley, Sassoon, said,

Today was a chance for us to meet Skyler McDonald and she covered so many different aspects of the business. We learnt not only technical skills of avant-garde styles but also the practicalities of running a successful salon. The day has been packed full of information and it was great to see how different techniques can spark an idea which then develops into an image. Skyler’s creative energy has rubbed off on us and we certainly feel very inspired to use some of our new skills.

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