F.A.M.E Team with Zoe Irwin

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The Fellowship F.A.M.E. Team recently experienced a day packed full of energy and inspiration with Zoe Irwin.

As a previous F.A.M.E. Team member herself, Zoe was able to give a background into how this has developed her career to date. She explained the personal journey she has been on and her roles as a brand ambassador and trend forecaster. It was a fantastic way to begin the day and the Team were able to relate to her involvement with The Fellowship and what she learnt from the experience.

The afternoon was an opportunity for Amelia, Luke and Peter to work alongside Zoe through a blow dry master class. Zoe took the time to really develop everyone’s skills and her energy and passion was apparent throughout.

Before the day came to an end, Zoe took the time to share her trend forecasts for 2017, which gave the Team a great insight into what they can see happening in the industry and fashion for the future.

Project Leader Antony Licata said,

It was great to see how the F.A.M.E. Team journey has developed Zoe as an individual and she really conveyed this throughout the day. A huge thank you to Zoe for her generosity in sharing her amazing hairdressing career, it really was a great day!

Luke Benson said,

We had such a great day! It was fascinating hearing about her time in the F.A.M.E. Team and her career has been really incredible and so diverse. It really opened our eyes to so many different paths in our industry and I am so grateful for her taking the time to share it with us!

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