FBD Academy Offers the Only UK Accredited Course in Express Gel Extensions

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Award-winning trainer, Feel Better Days (FBD) Academy has collaborated with ArtPro Nail UK Ltd to bring to market the only UK accredited training course in ArtPro Nail Express Gel Extensions.

This Beauty Guild accredited course boasts 24 CPD points and will enable students to learn all of the aspects of this amazing nail system from pre and application to removal, there is also a great section in the course on nail/tip shaping covering all of the latest nail trends.

This 30 minute nail system is nothing short of genius, it is simple but extremely effective with clients at participating salons experiencing up to three weeks of wear without loss or damage. Each nail application takes only three minutes, enabling nail technicians to apply a full set of extensions in just 30 minutes.

Add your desired nail colour, gel polish or top coat to the extensions and your client is ready to go in about an hour. Adding gel polish can further increase the durability of Express Gel Extensions.

Nails are jewels, not tools!

With busy lives, nail clients often struggle to find the two-plus hours required for a set of nail extensions, whether they are gels or acrylics, some establishments are extensively using electric files or drills to reduce removal time of products and potentially causing damage to the natural nail. Whilst the reduced appointment time has always been attractive to clients, they are becoming ever more conscious of the health of their nails and really care about what they are putting their nails through.

The nail appointment has truly become the monthly treat that is affordable and makes clients feel better. The preparation and removal processes of Express Gel Extensions is totally harmless to the natural nail and so quick that appointment times for clients are going to be significantly reduced, which we think is a great thing in the very busy lives that we all lead.

Something for every nail tech

The secret of ArtPro Nail’s Express Gel Extensions is in the technology. The ultra-thin tips and self-levelling, strengthening S-Gel (builder gel) create solutions to a few age old problems:

  • No need to file the connections
  • The tips are easy to shape
  • The tips are traceless once applied creating a smooth finish
  • The whole process only takes three minutes per nail
  • Removal is easy
  • They are safe and harmless to the natural nail

There are some nail technicians that are apprehensive about this new nail system, and we understand why, it sounds too good to be true, right? Well, we know from experience that they aren’t too good to be true, “they do exactly what it says on the tin”.

  • Three minutes per nail
  • A full set in 30 minutes
  • Up to three weeks wear
  • No damage to the natural nail

If you are interested in ArtPro Nail Express Gel Extensions and want to train to gain insurance in this nail system, click the following link to visit the FBD Academy website: www.fbdacademy.com or email: [email protected]

Images and product information courtesy of ArtPro Nail UK Ltd. www.art-pronail.co.uk

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