Fellowship Long Hair Workshop

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The Fellowship recently held their Long Hair Workshop at Alan d Academy – an opportunity for hairdressers with a passion for dressing hair to come together with expert mentors to hone in on their skills and become masters of the trade.

Imparting their knowledge on this workshop was a stellar line-up of talented stylists – Simon Hall from Karine Jackson Hair & Beauty, Robert Masciave from Metropolis, Jake Unger from HOB Academy, Lucie Monbillard from Sean Hanna and Mimi Kabayashi from Billi Currie. The best thing about the Fellowship’s workshops is that they are led by the attendees. The mentors worked together with the delegates to strengthen their weak points and focus on what they had always wanted to learn and master.

The majority of the group’s weak point was certainly prepping the hair, reveals mentor Jake Unger from HOB, it’s so important to truly master the fundamentals before progressing onto more advanced techniques, so creating the perfect foundation and a pliable texture was something we worked with the group on a lot. My best piece of advice to anyone when it comes to dressing long hair is prep, prep and more prep! Use the right products and ensure you can work with the hair properly. If you pay enough attention to this initial stage, then you can create styles of any shape and good longevity!

Kelly Ward from Reed Hair was one of the delegates on the evening and says,

I really enjoyed learning more about long hair at the workshop. The best tip I took away from the evening was not to think too much about it and to follow where the hair goes, as there is no right or wrong way. I now know how to create structures in the hair with mousse and how to create soft waves without using heat!

Jake says,

This Long Hair Workshop was a great opportunity for young and upcoming stylists to boost their confidence and master the basics. At HOB, we really enjoy giving back to the Fellowship and it’s great to show that we’re not just about the precision cutting, for which we are known.

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