Fellowship MembersÕ Night, Stockport

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On Monday 21st September The Fellowship’s renowned ‘Members’ Night’ was at Alan Howard in Stockport - the first time this event has been held outside London.

Compering on stage was Chancellor Karine Jackson who began by providing an insight into what everyone could expect from the show, as well as providing support to many individuals backstage who had not presented in front of an audience before.

First on stage was Dominic Ackah-Amihele and Jack Marshall from Urban Qtr in Yorkshire with their three models inspired by front covers they had seen on magazines. They used braiding and additional hair to create strong silhouettes and big finishes.

Next was Hannah Belfield from John Belfield International who reflected her degree in ceramics in her choice of styling. Brightly coloured wool was worked within plaits to enhance the overall look.

‘Glamour Punk’ inspired Ben Brown from Ben Brown Hair in Derby as he referenced 90’s street fashion in his use of scissor over comb and disconnected finishes.

Karine Jackson then introduced last year’s F.A.M.E. Team member, Simon Tuckwell from Zullo and Holland, to the audience. His two models were described as ‘constructive destructive’ as he presented his bold editorial looks.

Ross Charles from Ross Charles Hairdressing was next on stage with a snippet of his latest male and female collection. His razor cutting and geometric shapes were highlighted by his use of colour placements and overall styling.

Special Guest, Darren Messias of K H Salons, was then welcomed on stage for his interview with Karine Jackson. Darren referred to his personal and professional relationship with his father, past Fellowship Chairman, Stephen Messias, and gave an insight into how his salons have grown to a 21 strong salon group. As a previous F.A.M.E. Team member he encouraged everyone to partake in the educational activities available to them and the opportunities that The Fellowship provides to, “rub shoulders with industry idols and experts”.

Following the interview Farah Naz and Skye Moseley from Farah Naz Hairdressing celebrated their one year anniversary with shattered lines and bold fringes in their autumn/winter collection, Steam Punk.

The Young Artistic Team from En Route in Wakefield demonstrated a wearable interpretation of their editorial collection. Softer looks and a feline inspired hair-up were presented on stage.

Ben Madle from Headhunters in Woking showcased a variety of looks including a hair-up inspired by fashion designer Alexander McQueen with hidden braiding and wet look panels.

Jodie Palmer from The Artistic Team at Russell Eaton in Leeds introduced her concept trend ‘Spirit of Buffalo’ with its recognition of post punk and genderless fashion. Her models fringes were personalised and strong hair-ups reflected high impact styling.

Last on stage for the evening were three of the team from K H Salons. Alongside Bronte Wooding and Louise Pacey was Helen Stilwell from last year’s Project X Team. Their collection was an interpretation of animal skins and included raw and natural feels with complimenting textures and styling.

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